Cotswold District Council Opens New Scheme to Help Residents With Energy Bills

Cotswold District Council has opened applications for financial support to those most in need of help with their energy bills. The new scheme is for residents who were not eligible for the recent £150 council tax rebate.

The Government set the criteria for the original £150 rebate scheme which was targeted at households in Council Tax bands A-D. Additional funding was provided to councils to set up a local scheme to help those not supported by the original rebate.

The new scheme is intended to help support those most in need during the current cost of living crisis. It covers:

  • People living in properties banded E-H who are on low incomes or don’t pay council tax due to caring or health reasons
  • People on low income who pay energy bills but not council tax
  • People living in houses of multiple occupancy and on low income
  • People living in emergency or supported accommodation

The full list of eligibility criteria is available on the Council’s website along with a form to apply for the support. 

Those unable to use the website can telephone the Council for advice and support, however, the Council is encouraging people to apply online where possible to free up phone lines for those who need them most.

Cotswold District Council has moved as fast as possible to pay the original £150 rebate to those eligible, with most people who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit now having received the payment. 

For those who don’t pay by Direct Debit, the Council does not hold the details to make a payment and is currently contacting those eligible to explain how to provide the required information to the Council so the payment can be made. 

The Council has to carry out a number of checks on those applying for the support to make sure fraud is not being committed. This may slow payments, but the staff working behind the scenes are working hard to process applications as quickly as possible.

More information on the rebate can be found on the Council website at

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