Carbon Neutral Northleach – Watch this space

Carbon Neutral Northleach (CNN) is a long-term project to reduce the carbon footprint of the Parish.

Coming soon!

We have established the Project Plan to reduce the carbon footprint of the Parish over the next 10 years. In the coming months, we will publish information on how you can do your bit to support the programme.
The project plan is available on the Town Council website. Click here for Carbon Reduction Plan

Do you want to help now?

One of the tasks of CNN will be to provide a realistic estimate of carbon emissions within the Parish. We are looking to get a representative sample of households to complete the attached questionnaire. You can help by completing the carbon footprint questionnaire Click below for the questionnaire.

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(A printed copy of the questionnaire is available on request)

Google forms copy click here.

If you want to join the CNN working group then email If you want to be kept informed signed up to the Town Council email list, contact

Peter Mills