Chairman’s Letter January 2020

Another busy night at the Town Council this month. We covered the Town Council and KGV Trust agenda and also had a good deal of input from members of the public as well as the District and County Councillors.
The Library service is providing a monthly drop-in service at the Black Cat. This is your chance to borrow and return books locally in Northleach – please take a look at when the next session is and come and try it out. If we don’t use it, it will be gone!

The WASP organisation (Windrush Against Sewage Pollution) is set up to try to prevent the water company polluting the Windrush with raw sewage. This is also affecting the River Leach. We will be meeting with the various organisations and authorities concerned and we will update you on the severity of the risk and how we can help prevent this happening. Things aren’t yet as bad as in Bourton – but we do already have experience of this in Eastington. Watch this space.

There is confirmation that the promise of an additional police officer has been fulfilled and they will start soon and will be responsible for our area.

District Councillor Tony Dale tells us that they have: Appointed a Climate Change Manager who will no doubt come to talk to us soon; Provided 419 additional parking spaces around Cirencester; and Introduced a Council Tax Support Scheme to help, among others, those who have fallen on hard times including single parent families. Let him know if you need more information.

We arranged an Extraordinary council meeting for the 29th January to discuss the Town Council budget for next year, the resultant Precept amount from the Council Tax, plus our decision on the Grounds Maintenance contract for the next three years. The details of this meeting will be circulated soon.

We confirmed that the council fully supports the town’s Carbon Neutral Northleach working party and is pleased to be involved where we can help. Please have a look at the CNN’s latest update on our website and see where you can get involved in their aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also held the KGV Trust meeting this month which is concerned with managing the KGV Playing Field, the Pavilion and the other various equipment and premises on the field. The council is committed to improving the pavilion (including the club) and, as a start, in addition to the recent ceiling repairs, we have approved payments to improve the heating and update the smoke alarm. We are also re-organising the way we manage the pavilion so that we can be more responsive to the issues of maintaining and improving this facility- look out for what we plan to do.

The next full council meeting is on the 26th February – come along if you have anything you would like to discuss in person.

We still have one vacancy on the council – if you’re interested and would like to help then please let us know or come to the next meeting. You will be made very welcome if you do decide to join us.

If you want to receive updates from the council throughout the month, we have a mailing list you are welcome to join. Don’t worry: we won’t fill up your email inbox but we might be able to let you know if something occurs that might affect you. Have a look at Northleach Community News to see what we have sent out recently and join the list.

Chairman Cllr Rob Platts