Recent Heavy Rain and Flooding Risk

As you will be aware we have experienced a lot of rainfall over the past few days which has led to some localised flooding and surface water across The Cotswold District.  As a consequence there are several lower level flood alerts across the District, one of which lies in our region, namely:

River Leach from Northleach to Mill Lane near Lechlade – Property flooding is not currently expected. River levels are high and out of banks on the River Leach as a result of recent heavy rainfall, especially around Lechlade. Therefore flooding of roads and farmland is expected.

What Cotswold District Council has in place:

Cotswold District Council has a duty officer available 24/7, contactable via pager and telephone, and through a joint emergency helpline facility.  That officer has contact details for their own teams who are on standby (e.g. engineering, homelessness, rest centre, communications, etc.) and for other agencies.  This will set in motion any necessary communications and/or action dependent upon the nature of the query or emergency.  That officer also has details for an emergency response team, in case there is need for any escalation.

Their website provides a range of information, including contact details for the other key agencies:

On this web-page you will also find their out of hours contact number – 0151 343 2942 (enquiries to this number relating to the CDC area will be relayed to the duty officer).

The Environment Agency will be actively monitoring water courses to check how they are reacting and looking for blockages that might cause more problems.