Message from Northleach Town Council Chairman June 2011

The time arrived once more for the election of a Town Council. Six of the original members did not stand again and their replacements are: Nick Fisher, Vicky Hewer, Duncan Turner, Carol Davies, Pauline Rigby and Brian Hulcup. We are sure, with their various professional skills, that they can only be an asset to the new Council.

  • The Council, would like to offer a hearty welcome to new residents and their families who have recently made Northleach their home. We live in a beautiful part of the world; we are generally a friendly bunch and like to give help when it’s needed.
  • Last year, under the chairmanship of Mike Pezet, the Council saw several projects started and come to fruition. The sports and social club, although the subject of some controversy, has now been successfully revived to show a healthy profit which has been distributed amongst various town charities.
  • You may have noticed the handsome bus shelters at either end of the town? These suit our rustic environment, and are a welcome seat out of the weather. Mike organised, and brought some way to completion, a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA, for short) on a site next to the Westwoods Centre and, with further funding next year, we may see its completion.
  • The bridge over the Leach at the Eastington Road is progressing slowly having been held up by various regulations that needed to be satisfied. This year we hope to bring it to completion, also. Speaking of bridges, some residents who have gardens backing on to the Leach have access to the meadow by DIY bridges. The Council has in the past turned a blind eye to this practice but having now sought the advice of the Cotswold Conservation Board and the Environment Agency, a single span of wooden construction has been recommended as it can be lifted for the purpose of cleaning the river.
  • The Town’s grass cutting contract came up for renewal and, although Bibury Landscapes have provided sterling service in the past, we were bound to seek out a more economical quote, and now have Cottage Garden Services from Ampney Crucis.
  • Caroline Braidwood, who is Clerk to the Council and the power behind the throne, has surprised us by announcing her retirement. We wish her a long a happy retirement and hope there is someone out there who can fill her boots (not literally !).
  • As you may have observed, Chris Hancock has secured the position of District Councillor from the outgoing Member, Mark Tufnell. It’s good news that we have a local man who will give dedicated service to the post. Council meetings will continue to be held on a Wednesday evening at 7 pm towards the end of every month. Public participation is welcomed and is often the only way to get your point across. If you wish to ring me about any issues, please feel free and I hope I can answer your queries.

Thank you.
Neil Fletcher, Chairman and Mayor, Northleach with Eastington Town Council (01451 860521)