Planning Applications

The local planning authority is Cotswold District Council, which decides whether a planning application is granted or refused.

The Town Council has the right to be consulted on all applications within the parish, and the council’s response should be taken into account, but we do not decide the outcome.

The council’s response to planning applications is agreed during the next full council meeting. When the consultation deadline falls before the next meeting, arrangements to meet would be made if the application was deemed to be significant or contentious.

Commenting on Planning Applications

Members of the public have the right to comment on most types of planning applications. Comments should be made during the consultation period, though they may still be accepted after the consultation period has ended.

You can search, view and comment on current applications using the online planning register. You can also sign up to receive automatic e-mail alerts for applications and notifications within any parish or parishes in the district.

For more information on how to read and respond to a planning application, visit: