Grand Opening for the Northleach Community Activities Chest

We are excited to announce the launch of a new project in collaboration with Cotswold District Council Community Builder Sue Pilling and funded by the Cotswold Youth Network Small Grants scheme.

The Northleach Community Activities Chest will be unveiled today at the Community Picnic taking place on the King George V Playing Field today, Friday 29 July.

The chest is a box of game and sports equipment which is freely available for anyone to borrow and use on the playing field. When play is finished, return the toys and games equipment to the box ready for the next family or group of friends to use. Simples!

The project came out of a proposal from students at the Cotswold School and Northleach Primary School who said they wanted to have more to do in the summer holidays. Children will help to take responsibility for keeping the equipment safe and promoting its use amongst friends.

The box contains bat and ball games and other fun stuff and we hope that more equipment will be added as time goes by. If you have any unwanted outdoor games or sports equipment that you would like to donate to the project then please get in touch with Sue.

There’s a QR code on the chest too so you can give feedback or make any suggestions.