Northleach with Eastington Town Council Chairman’s letter December 2019

We had a busy and lively meeting this month – a lot of plans discussed and much focus on what the Town Council can and should do for the town. As usual, full minutes will follow, so here are the highlights: let us know if you find anything concerning or you want to add something.

The Old A40 at the Prison has indeed slipped a little further and so will not be re-opening in January as it is not safe. The better news is that work is still scheduled for Spring 2020 to make the repair permanent so we should not have to wait too much longer.

Back Lane has had some repairs made to the potholes by the Public Rights of Way team and Cllr Paul Hodgkinson is trying to get some more sections done. It’s a tricky one this as it is not a formal “road” and therefore does not fall under Highway’s remit.

We have started the budget planning for next year (starting in April 2020) with initial ideas being discussed including:
– Refurbishments to the Westwoods Centre to include better lighting, blinds, access to the garden,
redecoration and a new hearing loop in the Midwinter Room;
– Repairs to the Pavilion heating systems and decoration plus elimination of damp and more long-term repairs to the roof;
– Updates to the town to include more bike racks, Water Meadow clearance where agreed and re-fitting of the
Ward Road Play Area (quotes are already coming in for this);
– New projects for the town to include a potential Traffic Regulation Order to streamline traffic for safety,
parking and access around the town (this one will undoubtedly involve much discussion and divided opinion
over coming months – but we have to start somewhere!), kick-off some initiatives agreed in the
Neighbourhood Development Plan such as the Green Ring, erect some more signs around the town and a
new town sign are also in the mix for discussion.
– More on progress of these items as we get to the budget cycle next month.

We discussed the Town Council’s support for VE Day 75 and reviewed the extensive plans that have already been drafted – watch out for more news of the planned events.

We also discussed the setting up of a Youth Council that would provide the opportunity for 8-11 year olds in the town to express their wishes and concerns to the Town Council – again, watch out for more developments of this exciting initiative.

The 4th defibrillator has been installed on the bus shelter in the Market Place bringing us up to a full complement. Thanks to the Cotswold Fosseway Lions and Cotswold District Council for their support in funding this machine. We will be updating and adding to the signs around the town to make sure it is obvious where the closest device is located. Watch out for the next training session for these life-saving devices – the more people who know to use them, the better chance there is of saving a life.

That’s it for 2019. Have a great Christmas and New Year celebration and we will see you all in 2020.
Councillor Rob Platts