October News from Gloucestershire Constabulary

This message comes to you from the Gloucestershire Constabulary. The telephone number for non-emergencies is 101 and calls cost 15p each.
In the last two weeks we have had five dwelling burglaries in the North Cotswolds
area. All the victims were elderly and with the exception of one were in or around the property at the time the burglary occurred. On each occasion jewellery was taken. The offender did not appear concerned that he would be seen, although posed no threat, and was described as being a white male approx mid 30’s, short dark hair and wearing a dark tracksuit style top.
The burglaries occurred in the following locations; Inc 435 15/07/13 Back Lane, Mickleton; Inc 223 18/07/13 Station Road, Bourton-On-The-Water; Inc 286 18/07/13 Evesham Road, Stow-On- The-Wold; 291 18/07/13 University Farm, Moreton-In-The-Marsh; Inc 57 22/07/13 Temple Guiting. If any of your readers has any information or sees anything suspicious then please encourage them to call Gloucestershire police using the 101 telephone number quoting the relevant incident number.

Bogus Caller.
About 4.30 pm on Wednesday 24th July 2013, a man called at an address in Compton Abdale asking to read the electric meter. He showed an ID card in the name of ‘Walter Bain’ and which also said ‘British Gas’ on it. He was described as a white man, aged about 45
years, plump, unfit looking and not much hair. After reading the meter he left in an old battered grey car, possibly a Peugeot or Vauxhall. The householder became suspicious as she normally submits her readings on-line and upon checking with her supplier, they confirmed that they did not have anyone in the area. It does not appear that anything was stolen. Please advise your members that if they should encounter such a person then to fully check their credentials before admitting them to their home. If there is any doubt then they should contact the police straight away. If anyone has any information regarding this person then please ring Gloucestershire police on 101 quoting incident reference 404 24/7/2013. Thank you.

Catalytic Converter Thefts.
Most vehicles made since 1992 are fitted with catalytic converters which often contain small amounts of precious metals, making them a target for metal thieves. They are also valuable to scrap metal dealers who can easily sell them. Thieves will often target
vans and 4×4’s that have a higher ground clearance, making the converters more easily accessible. The chances of getting your converter stolen can be reduced if you follow one or more of theses crime prevention tips:

  • Keep your vehicle in a garage when possible.
  • Park in a well lit, busy area.
  • Look out for people working under cars and who are acting suspiciously.
  • Fit a catalytic converter clamp or security cage.
  • Security mark and register the metal shell of the converter so if it is stolen and recovered, it will be easier to trace it back to your vehicle.
  • Weld the converter fixing brackets or bolts in place making removal more difficult.

Contact: 101 in a non emergency, or 999 in an emergency or Gloucestershire Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 to provide information anonymously.

Lost camera. Help please!
A tourist visiting Northleach lost her Lumix camera near a bus stop in Northleach. We think it was the Market Place bus stop but it could be at one of the others. If you find it please let me know so we can reunite it with the owner. Cat Crompton, Town Clerk, 01451 861499.