Faster Broadband in Northleach

Dear All,

Tim Barter recently alerted us to an initiative which could result in improved connection speeds for broadband customers in Northleach.  Ian Ellison has followed this up for us – please see his email below.

PLEASE register your vote NOW and SPREAD THE WORD !!!

The website address is  If you need more background info read

Caroline Braidwood
Clerk to Northleach with Eastington Town Council
Tel:  01451 861499 / 07870 170823

Quick update – I am in contact with our BT Regional Manager and he’s gathering some information. I will speak to him again on Friday once he should have more details to hand.

In the meantime he urged me to spread the word about the “Race for Infinity”: subscribers can register votes for our exchange to be upgraded to fibre optic cabling to the cabinet which would give us up to 40Mbps connection speeds. It is for any exchange with over 1000 subscribers – we have 1012. 🙂

The website address is

I was only number 9 to vote for Northleach. As it is based on the percentage of subscribers who vote we should get the word out for as many as possible to do it.

I will be in touch again once I have spoken further with the regional manager – in the meantime tell anyone you know with an internet connection to vote for Northleach on the above site!



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  1. Northleach is currently in 26th place out of nearly 6,000 telephone exchanges in the whole of the UK. Go Northleach!

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