In May 2019, the residents of Northleach and the hamlet of Eastington elected representatives to serve on the Town Council to represent their views and manage the affairs of the parish within the powers and duties allowed by legislation. There are 11 seats on the council.

Ordinary elections are held every four years, usually at the beginning of May, with the next election expected in 2023. The elections are organised by the Returning Officer at Cotswold District Council.

During the four-year term, a casual vacancy arises when a councillor resigns, dies or is disqualified from holding public office. This creates a vacant seat on the council. This vacancy may be filled by election, if residents call for an election, or by co-option, where the council appoints someone to fill the seat.

To be able to stand as a candidate at a Town or Parish Council election in England, you must be: over 18 years old; a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen; and have a local connection, such as being resident in the parish or within three miles of it for the 12 months preceding the election. There are some disqualifications, such as being an employee of the council or undischarged bankruptcy.

To be able to vote in an election, you must be registered to vote in the area in which you live.