Remembrance Day Sunday 13th November 2022

The traditional open air service in Northleach to mark Remembrance will be held at 10:50 on Sunday 13th November 2022 beside the War Memorial at the Market Place. Residents are warmly invited to join us to mark the occasion.

The Market Place will be the subject of a road closure order for the duration of the ceremony. The temporary road closure will ensure that people can pay their respects without the noise of passing cars or risk of traffic accident. The closure order will apply to the Market Place and West End between the Market Place and Cotswold Hall. The closure will be in place for just the short period of the ceremony itself and the Town Council hopes that no one will be too badly inconvenienced by these arrangements. Please ensure that all vehicles required to be used during this time are removed prior to the order taking effect. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained.

Public notices advising of the road closure will go up shortly and a copy of the legal order can be found below.

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