Minibus News from the Northleach and District Community Association

An update below from the Northleach and District Community Association on the recent fundraiser to try and save the Community Minibus.  

“Despite the fantastic support from the local community and local organisations, which provided enough funding to keep the Minibus on the road in 2021,  it became all too obvious during the recent MOT inspection that corrosion has taken its toll to such an extent that repair is no longer an option.  The Minibus has now also reached an age when to comply with transport regulations it requires vehicle examinations every 6 weeks, as opposed to every 10 weeks, which come at a cost. We also feel we can no longer guarantee the safety of the vehicle in this condition.

Sadly the rental income prior to the COVID restrictions will not meet the cost of maintenance and insurance. So it is with deep regret that the Trustees of the Northleach and District Community Association have decided that it is no longer viable to retain the Minibus for the benefit of the community. Looking to the future, should there be an increased community transport need at a later date, then the Association will look at what grants and fundraising will be available to raise the estimated £20,000 to purchase and maintain a new Minibus for our community.

In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to our recent fundraiser, and we have taken the decision to offer to return the donations, or give the option to distribute the monies raised between the other good causes in our community. We feel under the current circumstances, this money could be put to better use during these trying times. We will be in touch with the various benefactors in due course.”