KGV play area slideThe play equipment on the KGV Playing Field has recently been repaired, but it is quite old now and probably needs to be replaced. The Town Council has formed a project group to work towards this, by consulting with the town on the design and scope of new equipment and raising the necessary funds. We put together a simple survey to find out what sort of activities children and young people like to undertake in the play area.

Download the survey and responses

5 thoughts on “Play Area Project

  1. The play area is very limited. I think it should not only be extended but divided into 2 areas. Toddlers – 9 yrs
    10 yrs plus.
    Apart from the swings the equipment is very poor and unimaginative.
    A visit to the new Charles Church estate would be a good idea. It is situated on the the other side of the by-pass on the way into Cirencester.
    Equipment should encourage children to be adventurous.

      1. Linda, I went to see the new Charles Church estate in Cirencester today. Plenty to think about! Pauline

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