Sports Fields Enquiry

You may already be aware that an independent inquiry into the nation’s sports facilities is underway. The inquiry panel, chaired by sports broadcaster John Inverdale, is asking whether the country has enough sports and leisure facilities, what condition they are in and how easily people can access them.

The Facilities Inquiry will take evidence from a range of people and organisations, who will all have an opportunity to give their views to their panel at a series of evidence-gathering sessions and through the dedicated website: .

The inquiry, which has the support of all three main political parties in England , will produce a report and a range of recommendations based on its findings. The panel is scheduled to report at the end of April 2010.

The Inquiry will look at questions such as:

•         Are there enough sports and leisure facilities to go around?
•         What’s the priority – more or better facilities?
•         How does access measure up compared to users’ expectations?
•         Are people’s experiences of sports facilities good, bad or indifferent?
•         Is there anything we can do to make sure people get the experience they want?

There is a “Main Briefing Document” that is available from the Inquiry’s website.

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Fields Manager
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