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Notice for the Exercise of Public Rights to Inspect the Accounts

The unaudited accounts for the year ending 31 March 2018 have now been published. Please see the attached documents for details.


For guidance on local residents’ rights to inspect the accounts, see this guide from the National Audit Office (NAO): Local authority accounts – a guide to your rights.

Notice of Vacancy June 2018

Following the resignations of Laurie Colton and Will Rayner, two councillor vacancies are being advertised by Cotswold District Council via the attached notice.

The process is that if 10 residents request an election then that is how the position will be filled. If an election is not called then the Town Council may fill the vacancy by co-option, and will invite interested local residents to contact us for details.

Kind regards,
Cat Crompton, Town Clerk



Message from Northleach Community Speed Watch Team

To date, Northleach has maintained a pretty good safety record, and it is the intention of the Town Council, the Community Speed Watch volunteers and the majority of residents to keep it that way.

In September last year, Gloucestershire Highways placed speed strips across the roads to three of the entrances to the town for a period of seven days. These strips recorded the speeds of all vehicles passing over them. Thankfully the majority of motorists were recorded as being at or below the 30mph limit.

Unfortunately, during that one week alone, of the 33,250 vehicle movements in and out of town almost 1,300 of these movements showed that a few drivers feel that our 30mph limit did not apply to them. Had those drivers been caught by the police, most if not all would have been fined £100 and received points on their driving licence. One motorist would have recieved a driving ban! It is apparent that motorists entering Northleach appear to slow down after they have passed the 30mph signs when they should have slowed down to 30mph or less before they pass them.

Northleach now has a number of local volunteers who have been trained in the use of speed detection devices. Their intention is to educate drivers that the speed limit is in place throughout town, and change driving behaviour to encourage people to stick to the 30mph limit consistently. Note however, that persistent offenders exceeding the town’s 30mph speed limit, or individual excessive speeds recorded will be reported to Gloucestershire Police, who will deal with the matter accordingly.

Remember, our local Speed Watch volunteers are not there to persecute the motorist but to remind both visiting and local drivers that they are entering a 30mph zone and try to maintain good safety record of Northleach. After all, it’s our children, elderly and pets that cross the town’s roads.

If you would like to become a Community Speed Watch volunteer, please contact the Clerk.

Police Issue Advice to Dog Walkers on Farm Land

Gloucestershire Police have received calls from concerned farmers regarding dog walkers leaving dog faeces on farm land especially in fields used for livestock. If a dog has worms this can be treated but if cows and sheep pick up the dog worms this cannot be treated and the animals become sick.

The Police are asking dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their dogs in all rural areas and open fields and take the bags to the nearest bin.

The Police have been asked to clarify the following points:

  • The law only covers public areas and footpaths across farm land.
  • The fine of £1,000 is a maximum fine that can be imposed and this is only awarded at court if the dog owner refuses to pay the set fine given by the local authority. This set fine differs from council to council area.
  • The intention is not to single out dog walkers but to raise awareness that if a dog has not been wormed then the dog faeces if ingested by sheep and and cattle can lead to severe illness and stillborn lambs and calves, costing farmers  hundreds of pounds in the loss of their stock.

This message came from PC2201 Nick Westmacott

Cotswold North Local Policing Team

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Your Invitation To Northleach’s Annual Town Meeting 2018

The Annual Town Meeting takes place on Wednesday 23rd May at 7pm. This is the meeting postponed from April and is traditionally a round-up of last year’s work and community news. Everyone is welcome. Please join us from 6:30pm for refreshments and to meet councillors and staff.

As two of our councillors are stepping down in May, this would be a good opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a councillor to hear about what we do and what we achieved last year.


The Annual Town Meeting will be followed by our Annual Meeting of the Town Council (agenda out next week), which is the “business” meeting of the Council where a new Chair and Vice Chair are voted in and the committees agreed. Residents are welcome to stay for both.