In 1928, what was then known as Northleach Parish’Council purchased land from Lord Sherborne and received an additional parcel of land as a gift to create a public recreation space. Ten years later, in 1939, Mr W J Castle gave another parcel of land for the same purpose and the whole was vested in the King George’s Fields Foundation. Thus Northleach King George V Playing Field was born.

Since then the ground has been drained and the playing field surface developed. We now have an adult and junior’s football pitches, a cricket square and store, two tennis courts, a tennis club hut, a children’s play area, a car park and a Pavilion.

All this is managed by a board of Trustees who are also the Town Councillors. As a registered charity, the Trust is managed completely separately from the Council and maintains its own accounts. The only income it receives is from the sports clubs that use the facilities and, more recently, the lease holder of the Pavilion bar. This income is put towards the grass cutting and maintenance of the playing field and Pavilion building.


Early in 2010, the bar area was leased to a local company, Northleach Club Ltd, to provide a bar facility and income towards maintainance of the Pavilion building.

A Management Group was formed a few months later to take over the day-to-day running of the building. This Group is made up of two Trustees, representatives from all of the sports clubs and the leaseholder of the bar area.

For further information about the Trust contact:
Cat Crompton, Clerk to the Trustees: