Read Easy Offers Help With Adult Reading

Read Easy N Cotswolds logo
If you know an adult in the Northleach area who struggles to read, there is now one-to-one support on offer from a team of North Cotswold volunteers. Read Easy is a national charity with trained coaches across the UK and the North Cotswold branch is offering the service in Northleach. Places are now available for adults who would like to meet one the reading coaches and find out more about how the charity could help them. The coaching is free of charge.

One in twenty adults in the UK struggles with reading. Often it’s due to childhood issues, where they just didn’t progress at school, but as an adult they often feel ashamed and go to great lengths to hide their lack of understanding. Read Easy teaches adults to read on a one-to-one basis, so the whole process remains private and the student learns at his or her own pace.

To learn more, please contact Sue Brereton on 0844 493 0686 or send an e-mail on the student’s behalf to

The charity is also looking for quiet rooms for coaching; please contact Sue if you can help.