Are you prepared for winter?

The Resiliance Planning Group has put together a short guide on surviving the winter weather, copied here.

This information is also available as an A4 flyer: Are you prepared for winter?

  1. Check with the local & national weather forecast
  2. Listen to the local radio or TV news before clearing a path to get yourself safely out and join up with your neighbours.
  3. Check that your neighbours are OK and then clear your side road.
  4. If you cannot get out and need assistance then signal for someone to call.
  5. Spread grit thinly on the public footpaths and roads you have cleared.
  6. If you have to drive, ask yourself “Is my journey really necessary? Will I get home if I leave?” Tell someone your planned route and keep to main roads.
  7. When roads are closed it will be difficult for public transport to run.
  8. Check if your school is closed, visit
  9. Accidents do happen. When they do – help others or seek assistance.
  10. Do you have food and water to last at least two days?
  11. Do you have a working torch in case the electricity fails?
  12. If you have no heating, tell someone, then wrap yourself up with a blanket or duvet.
  13. If you need medicines or treatment and cannot get out – contact the  relevant organisation and ask for assistance.