Gloucestershire County Weather Update

Gloucestershire County Council’s gritting team will remain on standby as cold weather continues.
Overnight tonight, temperatures are not expected to drop below freezing so the gritting teams will not be going out. However, tomorrow the weather will get colder again so gritters will be treating primary routes – all A and B roads – across the county.

Forecasters are predicting temperatures to fall to around -2.5 tomorrow and Thursday and -1.5 on Friday.
Heavy rain and sleet is also expected, but at the moment snow is not on this week’s forecast.
Where heavy rain falls and the temperatures drop, there is always the chance of ice on the roads so motorists are advised to continue driving with care.

Tips on winter driving can be found online at
While the council will do all it can to keep roads free of ice, residents are being urged to do their bit too by helping to clear pavements. Last year people were worried about liability issues after clearing ice and snow themselves. But new guidance from the government on gritting your own driveways and pavements is now available on and people are being advised to ensure they’re prepared before bad weather hits.

Gloucestershire County Council is aware that there are problems nationally with salt deliveries not being made. The Department for Transport has already intervened and is allocating salt to the councils that are running out of salt and need it the most. In Gloucestershire, we are managing our stocks well so we’re not one of the councils that is receiving or asking for support from the DfT at this stage.

  • At the risk of wintry weather we salt 1,000 miles of roads making up our ‘Primary Network’ of vital routes to larger settlements and access to emergency services. This is around a third of our road network.
  • In severe conditions if time and resources are available a ‘Secondary Network’ made up of regular bus routes may also be salted.
  • The Highways Agency salt the A417/A419 from Air Balloon south to the county border, A40 west of M5 or M5 motorway.
  • We don’t just salt when the weather gets cold – we use expert weather advice and scientific evidence to determine when we should send the gritters out.
  • Each community has volunteers operating snow ploughs or telling us about conditions in outlying villages during very severe weather.

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