Trial of kerbside plastic bottle collections

Cotswold District Council is continually seeking to improve and expand its recycling services and to reduce the amount of waste which ends up in landfill.

We are keen to introduce a kerbside plastic bottle recycling service, and are currently working closely with our waste contractor, SITA, to develop a new recycling vehicle which may make this service possible.

As part of the planning and testing of the new vehicle, SITA, on behalf of the Council, will be undertaking a limited trial of plastic bottle collections for a short period in some areas of the district.

The aim of the trial is to test the suitability of the vehicle for collecting all of the current recycling materials with the addition of plastic bottles, and to estimate the quantity of plastic bottles which would be presented by Cotswold residents if a scheme were to be introduced across the Cotswolds.

Some limited areas of Cirencester, Quenington, Willersey and Moreton-in-Marsh have been randomly selected to take part in the trial.  Whilst the selection of locations was random, care has been taken to ensure the trial involves residents in the north and south of the district, and a suitable number of homes to assess the feasibility of the scheme.  The Town and Parish Councils who will have residents invited to take part in the trial have already been consulted.

Some 900 households have been selected for the trial and they will receive a letter through their door later this week, inviting them to take part (Sample letter attached below). They will also receive a special collection sack for plastic bottles, which will be delivered by the Council. Residents who do not receive a letter should continue to take their plastic bottles to one of the 30 recycling banks located around the district and must not place them out for recycling collection in their black kerbside box as SITA will be unable to take them.

More information is available on the Council’s website or you can contact the waste hotline on 01285 623123. If you do not wish to participate in the trial please leave the green sack in your black recycling box on your next collection day and SITA will collect it.