Cotswold Housing News 2010


•    Affordable home ownership, “HomeBuy” products – what these are, how to find out if one is eligible and who to contact to find out more

•    Mortgage Rescue- the new scheme is now running and is available to help owners in the district who are threatened with repossession

•    Decent home loans- from April 2010 eligible home owners may qualify for an interest free loan to do essential repairs

•    The results of the Cotswold District Housing Needs Assessment 2009 (CDHNA) – many thanks to everyone who completed the lengthy housing questionnaire last summer.  We appreciate your time as the results provide a rigorous assessment of housing and housing support requirements to inform housing and development policy. The CDHNA is published on our website if you are interested in viewing the results

•    Affordable homes – an update on the progress on affordable development, and the developments at Kingshill, Cirencester are underway.

I hope you find it informative and if you would like any further information on any of the published items or if there is anything in particular you think would be helpful to report on in later editions, please let me know.

Seminar on the Importance of Rural Affordable Housing

We are considering hosting a seminar at Cotswold district Council on the importance of affordable housing in rural areas.  According to the National Housing Federation, a lack of affordable housing for people on modest wages is fuelling the loss of essential village services, for example, rural primary school closures have increased significantly over the last five years, national closures are now at the highest level since the 1990s and the National Association of Small Schools estimates that 200 more village schools could close by 2014.

If possible, it would help me to know whether you think a seminar would be of value to your parish and whether you think you might like to attend such an event? If you have any suggestions too they would be most appreciated.

Xina Owen  LL.B. Hons.
Housing Strategy Officer
Cotswold District Council
01285 623410