15th February 2010 Weekly roads update

Gloucestershire County Council has fixed another 3,000 potholes in the past week as part of Operation Road Rescue. This brings the total number of potholes filled since January 25th to 8,000.
Highways teams have been out around the county repairing potholes, patching and resurfacing roads that were badly damaged during the freezing weather.

We have diverted 30% extra highways staff into dealing with repairs so there are 70 gangs out on the streets repairing the damage as quickly as possible. Teams have carried out 10,000m2 patching work at the following locations:

East Area
•    B4135 Kingscote
•    A433 Jackements Bottom
•    A419 Stroud Road
•    A429 Whiteshoots
•    Eason Grey

Central Area
•    Hesters Way, Cheltenham
•    Hales Road, Cheltenham

West Area
•    Main Road, Yorkley
•    Pillowell Road, Whitecroft
•    B4077 Stow Road, Teddington
•    Lower to Upper Dowdswell (still in progress)
•    Blakeney Straights (still in progress)

We also completed the following resurfacing schemes last week:
•    A40 Northleach to Farmington
•    A419 Westend (east of M5 J13)
•    Coleford Crossroads
•    A38 Tewkesbury Bypass
For more information and to view our pothole repair video, visit www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/roadrescue.

Issued by Lisa Bonnell, Gloucestershire County Council’s, Media Team 01452 425226