Adverse Weather Bulletin 2200hrs

Date:    5th January 2200
Time:    2200hrs
Issued By:    Martyn Summerell  /  Roger Williams

No further bulletins will be issued until 0600hrs on the 6th.

Current Weather Conditions:
East:    Level fall of 5cm to 10cm across the area.
West:     South Forest Area – Level fall of 3cm to 4cm across the area. North Forest Area – Level fall of 6cm to 10cm across the area
Central:  Level fall of 5cm to 10cm on high ground

Today’s forecast;
Evening update 1900hrs: Patchy snow is occurring currently, mostly in the north of the county. The snow is still expected to become more widespread and heavier overnight, giving up to 10-15cm quite widely between 2100 and 0900. Locally, up to 20cm of snow is possible over highest ground above 250 metres. Snow tending to ease southwards through the late morning (clearing completely by early afternoon).

Current/Recent Treatments:
East: Spot salting and ploughing of key routes (main roads) to aid traffic movement.
West: Spot salting and ploughing of key routes (main roads) to aid traffic movement.
Central: Key routes (main roads) completed from this afternoon.  2nd key route run to finish any ploughing and top up areas poorly covered during heavy traffic underway from 19:00.

Proposed actions during the day/night:
East:     Ploughs fitted, planning 22.30 key routes salt run 20g/m2 to re-establish salt layer beneath predicted snowfall.
West:     Ploughs fitted, continuing to deal with trouble spots on main roads.  Crews standing by for snow later in the night.
Central:  Secondaries plough and salt at approx 22:00, Key route ploughing / salting in reaction to weather from early hours and through to 07:00 

Network Risks:   
East:     Majority of main roads passable with extreme care, side roads with a coveringof snow, A436 in both directions from Seven Springs passable with extreme care.    Leckhampton Hill closed. 
However ice is an issue at some locations

West:     B4432 Symonds Yat – closed Majority of main roads passable with extreme care. Roads off main roads have a covering of snow over the ice.
Central:     Urban areas relatively clear
Congestion around Stroud clear.
A4173 N of Pitchcome junction closed.
Upton Hill B4073 closed.
Remaining A and B roads open, inclines need extreme care. Routes off main  road network very difficult and will be impassable on any steep slopes.