Adverse Weather Bulletin 1600hrs

Date:    6th January 2010
Time:    1600hrs
Issued By:    Martyn Summerell

Current Weather Conditions:
Generally:  All areas have received snow flurries between 1300 and 1600hrs,  however these have not affected the network

East:    Level fall of 20cm across the area. Up to 25cm on higher ground
West:     South Forest Area – Level fall of 10cm to 15cm across the area.
    North Forest Area – Level fall of 15cm to 20cm across the area
Central:  Level fall of 5cm throughout and upto 20cm on high ground

All – some drifting snow on more exposed areas due to increasing winds

Today’s forecast; Update: light snow, to continue throughout the afternoon, mainly in the South of the County. Wind speeds continuing to be moderate bringing a risk of drifting snow on exposed roads.  Snowfall likely to add a further few cms to the current snow levels, forecast for a very cold night to as low as minus 8.5 oc.

Current/Recent Treatments:
Gloucestershire Highways Fleet are preparing for an evening main road salt run which will be followed by a further main road treatment early morning on 7 January 2010. Work continues with local based farmers with tractor mounted ploughs across the County to improve routes into villages.

Proposed actions during the day:
All areas are reloading the fleet of gritters for early evening salt run of the main road network.
All areas are planning to retreat main road network early tomorrow morning.

Network Risks:    All steep pitches remain very treacherous
East: All main roads open and passable with care
West:     All main roads open and passable with extreme care
Central: All main roads open and passable with care